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We all need a little help...
...Sometimes, more than a little.

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What was the Red Cross doing with our donations?

A story similar to this was on the news. Food rotted, money was wasted, and planning was generally poor when it came to setting up stations for people to pick up food. The Red Cross was re-directing victims of Katrina to a hotline that wasn't functioning. Five hours, six hours, being cut off. Is this really what a "charitable" organisation (the organisation getting all this "publicity" because it's supposedly the most charitable organisation in the world) is doing with our donations?

Lord knows that we give them money to help people.

And we're all concerned that VP Cheney shot someone. That does not directly influence our everyday lives. Alright, he's our Vice President, he's important, yadda yadda yadda. Whatever happens will have an impact on us. Seriously, it's as ludicrous as whether or not Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie are going to get married.

I'm doing a search on the Channel's website so that I can get the story from them, but it's not there. It's all about Cheney shooting that guy. We're making fun of that when there are more serious issues at hand. FOR THE LOVE OF PATRICK, ALREADY! Yes, the guy got shot. We get that. Yes, Cheney just came out with it today. STFU and get on and talk about things that are important. Spend more time talking about the Red Cross wasting money and time getting to the victims of Hurricane Katrina rather than all that time that you spent on things that will not directly impact us. It's our money, our goodwill, that we donated. Some of us even donated our time and it's sad that all of that went to waste because of poor planning.

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All ya'll in the path of Hurricane Rita, stay safe. Evacuate if you're going to get hit with more than just thunderstorms and tornadoes. Ya'll've got my prayers and my thoughts of goodwill. Please stay safe.

Thanks, loves.
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7 July 2005, six bombs went off on the London Underground and one on a double decker bus.

Know that my prayers go out and that I am quite worried about those in Great Britain at this time and those who have family and friends over there.

People are critical about what people are saying. I don't get it. Maybe I'm too young, but there's so much criticism about what world leader is saying what and who is yelling at who. The country just went through a tragedy and all anyone can think about is whether or not their favourite world leader is doing what they want them to do, or trying to push the blame on one person or another.

What does it matter what one person says? That's one person. As long as we catch the people responsible without any more lives lost.

Call me whatever, but I do care and I can't understand, comprehend, how someone could destroy innocent people so ruthlessly and senselessly.

To all those who have been affected, you're in my thoughts and I hope for the best.
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